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Software for emergency services
Fireplug is an online tool for the emergency services. A variety of internal communication is trough information screens that are distributed in the different locations. Management of these information screens is done in a central place trough a web-interface and can therefore occur at any location via a simple web-browser.

Various additional modules can easily be enabled by the administrator (s). When a call comes through HC 100 all the information from the data string is displayed directly on the alarm screens in the related location ( hospital, fire-arsenal, etc... ).

Always & everywhere

Fire Plug Mobile gives forces the ability to view their smartphone Fire Plug in an optimized web page. In this way, an officer has access to all intervention data.

Information / Intervention Screens

The information screens can be used to disseminate information and display this to various screens in different locations. When an intervention is triggered the general information is replaced automatically by the message of the HC100 service.

Modular model and structure

Fireplug start with a basic package, which is the management of interventions and procedures. This basic package can be supplemented with various plugins that can be developed on request, or can simply be selected from the current catalog

News and messages

Fire Plug provides the possible news via banners on the screens to display information in an unit or within a zone.

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